Short on time? Here are some bite-sized marketing ideas to munch on with your coffee.

Emotions backed with Logic

Consumers always buy to satisfy their emotional needs and then back it with all the logic. Marketers always do the other way around. Next time you are working on a campaign, do start with emotion and then back it up with logic. 

Reviews are the new GOLDMINES

Be it Amazon or Google reviews, good or bad, they give you a first hand information about what customers feel about the solution/product. This can help you write powerful headlines which resonate well among with your customers.

Understand Customers, Not Channels

Customers should be your North Star for all your campaigns. Hence, you can always learn to run ADS but having a through understand about your consumer’s behaviour helps you echo it across your Marketing channels.

What’s a Content Stack?

Its nothing fancy but the process and tools you would use in your content journey. Ideally, you can divide into the following sections and map with the tools you would use for each.

  1. Ideation
  2. Production
  3. Distribution
  4. Analytics