Hi there, I’m Umar Salman, a Marketer, and a passionate copywriter. Here to share all my learning and case studies related to growth marketing, copywriting, and more.

Just a small story here:

Since childhood, I was fascinated by the TV/Print ads and always used to wonder how amazing are these guys who come up with such mind-blowing Ads. However, back then, I never had an idea about things like copywriting, marketing, advertising.

Despite an engineering degree with some tech experience, I always knew this was not my cup of tea and started exploring opportunities and resources to pivot my career into Marketing.

And finally got into the world of Digital Media, now I carry a pretty good amount of knowledge and experience into all the different facets of Online Marketing. But I firmly believe if you are good with the foundation of marketing, learning platforms should not take much time.

So it started with Google Ads then came Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and now even Amazon ads are getting excellent traction and so on. A few years from now we might have new platforms which we might not have heard of at all.

Hence it all boils down to having a strong foundation in building funnels, copywriting, customer acquisition, and more; This helps you stay at the top of the game be it any platform, thats how it has worked for me.

Here’s what to expect here:

Cool hacks, strategies to write better copies, or even optimizing them, basically you will learn how to have fun with your Ad copies which would translate into better, conversions, revenue, opt-ins, sales, and so on.

Apart from this,

I love curating some of the best Print, Digital, Video Ads by some of the greatest brands in the market. Check out Ad library for some fantastic inspiration that will blow your mind.

And, If you ever want to know how to get started with Copywriting or stuck while writing a copy for your self, your client, or anyone, reach out to me anytime. I would love to help you out.

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